Liaison Report Form

Liaison Expense Voucher 2021

ACGME Equity Matters™

AFMRD Representatives: Tina Wheat, MD, MPH and John B. Waits, MD, FAAFP

America Needs More Family Doctors: 25 x 2030 Steering Committee

AFMRD Representatives: Kevin E. Johnson, MD, FAAFP and Deanne St. George

AAFP Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO)

AFMRD Representative: Kim Stutzman, MD

AAFP Commission on Education

AFMRD Representative: Sarah Cole, DO, FAAFP 

AAFP Congress of Delegates

AFMRD Representative: AFMRD President

Academic Family Medicine Advocacy Committee (AFMAC)

AFMRD Representatives: Wendy Barr, MD, MPH, MSCE; Kim Stutzman, MD; Bethany Picker, MD

AFMAC Contact: Hope Wittenberg

Annals of Family Medicine Board of Directors

AFMRD Representative: Robert Langan, MD

Annals of Family Medicine Contact: Stephanie Hanaway

Building Research Capacity Steering Committee

AFMRD Representative: John B. Waits, MD, FAAFP

Building Research Capacity Curriculum Committee

AFMRD Representative: Paul Crawford, MD

Center for History of Family Medicine

AFMRD Representative: Kelly Ussery-Kronhaus, MD

Center for History of Family Medicine Contact: Crystal Bauer, MLS

Council of Academic Family Medicine (CAFM)

AFMRD Representatives: AFMRD President, AFMRD President-elect, AFMRD  Immediate Past President
CAFM Contact: Kathleen Ingraham

CAFM Education Research Alliance (CERA)

AFMRD Representative: Kelsie Kelly, MD, MPH

National Institute Program Director Development (NIPDD)

AFMRD Representative: Clark Denniston, MD

NIPDD Contact: Sam Pener

PDW and RPS Residency Education Symposium Planning Committee

AFMRD Representative: AFMRD President

AAFP Contact: Amy Mulligan Kennedy 

Organization of Program Director Associations (OPDA)

AFMRD Representative: Steve Brown, MD, FAAFP 

STFM Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS)

Linda Montgomery, MD

Family Medicine Leadership Consortium (FMLC)

AFMRD Representatives: AFMRD President, AFMRD President-elect, AFMRD Immediate Past President, AFMRD Executive Director