The AFMRD has engaged the AAFP’s National Research Network (NRN) to study factors related to program director tenure. Nationally recognized researcher Doug Fernald, BA, MA, and his team from the AAFP National Research Network will be conducting interviews with program directors to assess important factors in an IRB approved research study.


The median tenure of a family medicine residency program director is 4.5 years. The AFMRD believes it would be useful to better understand why program directors leave their positions. More knowledge about the reasons behind program director departures could inform AFMRD efforts to support and develop programming for program directors and other leaders, which could ultimately improve family medicine residency education.

Additionally, there is a substantial cohort of residency directors who have been in their positions for over 12 years. It is not known what factors have contributed to that longevity. Understanding their experiences may inform development and support programming and innovation.


Why Family Medicine Program Directors Leave Their Position

We've Really Built Something”: Why Family Medicine Program Directors Stay in Their Positions—A Qualitative Study


Questions about this study may be directed to Steven R. Brown, MD (Steven.Brown@bannerhealth.com).