We Are Thankful for our Members


As the weather begins to turn cooler and thoughts of turkey dance in our heads, this time of year we give thanks for family and friends, including our AFMRD family.  Below are just a few reasons why we are thankful for our members.

1. Members support each other.

One of the key benefits of belonging to an association is access to all the other people who belong.  Whether through in-person events, online communities, sharing documentation and knowledge, offering support in crisis situations, or just simply letting others know that they are not alone, the AFMRD community looks out for each other. Looking for guidance? Members can quickly post a question to the AFMRD Community and receive an abundance of sound advice. This would not be possible without member participation, and we are very thankful so many of our members are willing to take time out of their busy schedule to ensure their fellow members have the tools to educate the next generation of family doctors.

2. Members are dedicated.

Our members are dedicated to their profession.  AFMRD members care about the content we create, the events and activities we plan, and are constantly looking to better themselves through professional development.  Our renowned National Institute for Program Director Development (NIPDD) is always popular.  Led by an acclaimed Academic Council, those accepted to the NIPDD fellowship engage with and learn from seasoned program directors, educators, and other family medicine leaders.  Whatever it takes to ensure quality in family medicine residencies, AFMRD members go the extra mile to deliver.

3. Members advocate for family medicine.

Our members have the POWER to cause change.  AFMRD members are actively involved in health policy and academic issues. Several of our members participate in the Family Medicine Advocacy Summit each spring in Washington, DC. This conference educates participants on family medicine’s legislative priority issues and trains them on how to lobby on Capitol Hill.  Whether advocating for family medicine locally, through our alliances with other family medicine organizations, or on Capitol Hill, our members are willing to help make decisions that impact the future of family medicine residency training.

4. Members are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Our organization wouldn’t be successful without our committed volunteers.  AFMRD members are so eager to volunteer, that we are often overwhelmed with applicants. Our board members, liaisons, and task force and committee members offer contributions that are irreplaceable. Volunteers give their time and energy to help make the work of the AFMRD happen and we appreciate all those that want to help!

5. Members keep coming back!

It always wonderful to see so many members renew their membership each year.  Most of our members even remember to renew before the end of the year (wink, wink), ensuring that they don’t miss out on all the incredible benefits of AFMRD membership. We love to see former program directors taking advantage of our Associate Member option and staying involved in our community. We are pleased that our members see the value in the work AFMRD does for family medicine residency education and understand that their dues are, at least in part, a contribution to make that work possible.

We hope that our members can take the time to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones.  Thank you for continuing to be the hardworking, dedicated, and professional members that make your association so wonderful!


-Kathleen Ingraham, MFA, Online & Emerging Media Specialist