Committee Report Form

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the current Bylaws and bringing forth any necessary changes for membership approval. Members are encouraged to submit suggested Bylaws changes to the committee chair for review. Bylaws changes are voted on by the membership during the annual meeting.

Kevin E Johnson, MD - Chair
Members: Sarah Cole, DO, Leon McCrea, MD, Maureen Strohm, MD, and Kim Stutzman, MD. 
Staff Contacts: Deanne St. George 


The Finance Committee is composed of the Treasurer, President, President-Elect, a Member-at-Large, Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer. This committee is responsible for the oversight of financial matters, including regular reports to the Board and annual reports to the membership. The committee reviews the audit annually.

Fred Miser, MD - Chair
Members: Steve Brown, MD, Wendy Barr, MD, Kim Stutzman, MD
Staff Contacts: Deanne St. George and Christopher Pyle

FMAS Scholarships
The FMAS Scholarships Committee oversees the application process of applicants for AFMRD scholarships to the Family Medicine Advocacy Summit held each spring in Washington, DC. 

Kristina Diaz, MD and Michael P. Flynn - Co-Chairs
Staff Contacts: Kathleen Ingraham and Deanne St. George

Graduate Survey Advisory Committee (ABFM/AFMRD Grad Survey)
Advisory Panel members review the survey questions, evaluate the need for changes or additions to content, and give input to the reports programs receive from the ABFM regarding their graduate data.
Staff Contacts: Deanne St. George

Kim Stutzman, MD- Chair
Members: Donald Briscoe, MD, Dereck Deleon, MD, Lars Peterson, MD, Kate Thoma, MD, Emily Bank, MD, Wendy Warren, MD, Tim Graham, MD, Mallory McClester Brown, MD, David McInnes, MD, MSEd, Alexandra Verdieck-Devlaeminck, MD, and Zubair Syed, MD. 

The Membership Committee addresses membership, retention, communications to members, coordination of the member needs assessment and serves as a focus group or sounding board for staff on various projects. 

Shantie Harkisoon, MD - Chair
Members: Rob Danoff, DO,  Kristina Diaz, MD, Shantie Devi Harkisoon, MD,  Leon McCrea II, MD, Maria de Jesus Munoz, MD, Edward M. Onusko, MD, Jessie Pettit, MD, Katina Rue, DO, Roxanne Smith, MD, Jennifer Swoyer, DO, Karen Weaver, MD
Staff Contact: Christopher Pyle

The Nominations Committee oversees the nominations and election process of Board of Directors members.

Deb Clements, MD - Chair
Staff Contact: Deanne St. George 

PD Toolbox
The PD Toolbox Task Force oversees the contents and organization of the Program Director's Toolbox.

Rob Danoff, DO, MS, FACOFP, FAAFP - Chair
Members: Philip Dooley, MD, Glenn V. Dregansky, DO,  John Gazewood, MD,  James Haynes, MD, Riba Kelsey-Harris, MD, Fred Miser, MD, Viktoria Nurpeisov, MD, Katina Rue, DO, Amy Stevens, MD
Staff Contacts: Christopher Pyle and Kathleen Ingraham

Task Forces

Family Medicine National Innovation in Continuity Clinic Experience (FM-NICCE) Task Force
The FM-NICCE Task Force oversees the data collection of FM-NICCE participants.

Fred Miser, MD - Chair
Members: Margaret Baumgarten, MD, Stephen Brawley, MD,  Barbara Miller, MD, Robert “Butch” Pally, MD, Jessie Pettit, MD, Joyce Hollander Rodriguez, MD, Kate Thoma, MD. 
Staff Contacts: Deanne St. George and Kathleen Ingraham 

Diversity and Health Equity Task Force

Santina Wheat, MD - Chair
Members: Paul Ravenna, MD, Fadya El Rayess, MD, MPH, Gail Floyd, MD, Rachel Friedman, MD, 
Jessica Guh, MD, James Haynes, MD, Cara Marshall, MD, Ildi Martonffy, MD, Leon McCrea, MD, MPH, Theresa Nevarez, MD, MBA, Mark Rastetter, MD, Suki Tepperberg, MD, MPH,.
Staff Contact: Deanne St. George