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  • Program Director of an ACGME accredited program - $395 - Join Now
  • Associate Program Director - $195 - Join Now
  • Associate Member -  $195 - Join Now Associate members are in addition to the associate director members for each program. Family physicians who meet the following criteria may be associate members:
  • Any designated residency director of an accredited Canadian family medicine residency program - $195 - Join Now
  • Designated residency directors of developing residency programs actively seeking ACGME accreditation or transition from AOA accreditation to single - $195 - Join Now
  • Former residency director members of the AFMRD - $195 - Join Now
  • Former residency director of AOA accredited family medicine residency - $195 - Join Now
  • Any graduate of the National Institute for Program Director Development (NIPDD) - $195 - Join Now
          • International Program Director (ACGME accredited) - $395 - Join Now   
          • International Associate Member (not ACGME accredited) - $195 - Join Now

          All AFMRD members must be family physicians. 

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          If there is a change in program director or associate director leadership in your organization, contact Sam Pener or Chris Pyle to update your records.

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          Please note: The AFMRD membership cycle is by calendar year, January 1 through December 31. For membership information, contact Chris Pyle at 913-906-6361 or Sam Pener 913-906-6359.