AFMRD - Clinic First Collaborative

NOTE: The AFMRD is currently considering options for future Clinic First education for members.  More information to come Spring 2021. 

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What is the AFMRD - Clinic First Collaborative?

The AFMRD and the UCSF Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) are sponsoring a third cohort of the AFMRD Clinic First Collaborative for established family medicine residency programs interested in moving toward a “Clinic First” residency paradigm. Clinic First aims to improve primary care ambulatory residency training for residents and patients. To move toward a Clinic First orientation, CEPC has developed the Building Blocks model for high-performing teaching clinics (see cepc.ucsf.edu to download the High- Functioning Residency Clinics Report published with the Association of American Medical Colleges). 

Why Clinic First?

Family medicine clinics training future primary care physicians face significant challenges. Faculty physicians and residents may spend only 1 – 3 half-days per week in clinic, creating obstacles for continuity, access, and team-based care. Disorganized clinic experiences lead to low clinician and staff satisfaction and can cause trainees to abandon plans for careers in primary care. The Clinic First paradigm provides a roadmap for synergistically fulfilling both missions of education and patient care in a way that invigorates the current and future workforce in primary care. 

Not in the collaborative but want more info about the Clinic First approach? See below:


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