Kristina Diaz, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Diaz is the program director at Yuma Regional Medical Center in Yuma, Arizona.

She completed her residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and earned her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine. 

What are your greatest professional interests?

I thoroughly enjoy spending time in clinic!  Being able to treat a wide range of patients, getting hugs from them, and knowing that I am an integral part of their life brings me such joy.  If I can teach my residents nothing else, I want it to be how to have fun in clinic!

What are your personal hobbies and interests?

I enjoy crafting - specifically sewing, quilting, paper crafts, painting, and if I can do these with my husband and kids, even better!  I also enjoy providing experiences for my children (two boys) to explore the world while sparking interest to better understand what they are seeing.  My husband and I do this through extensive traveling, local outside adventures, and timely activities.  Important for my personal wellness, I also make sure I participate in activities on my Peloton, reading good books, and guided meditation.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about graduate medical education, what would it be?

Hands down it has to be GME Financing.  I feel like I spend a large part of my time trying to explain GME funding to leadership and team members.  I would create an easier to understand program while instituting a streamlined funding process with easier reporting.  Of course, this would include ensuring that faculty are able to be compensated appropriately for the work they do training the future of medicine.

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