Salary Survey

This AFMRD Salary Survey has been designed to obtain data that will provide a snapshot of the current compensation within family medicine residency programs across the nation.

In addition to program director salaries, the survey gathers salary data on associate program directors and faculty, including behavioral health faculty.

These surveys are emailed directly to program directors from our survey provider, Survey Monkey. To gain the most from the surveys, it is important to populate all fields with accurate data. To assist you, we have created a  worksheet that will allow you collect all data in advance of logging in to Survey Monkey to begin the survey process. Please note: We can accept only one survey per institution.

This 2015 Salary Survey is now available to AFMRD members! Go to the PD Toolbox "data" section to view/download. Or click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Vickie Greenwood at 800.274.2237 ext. 6738 or Sam Pener at 800.274.2237 ext. 6707.