Committee Report Form

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the current Bylaws and bringing forth any necessary changes for membership approval. Members are encouraged to submit suggested Bylaws changes to the committee chair for review. Bylaws changes are voted on by the membership during the annual meeting.

Sherri Lynn Morgan, MD, MPH - Chair
Members: Chad Braun, MD; Sarah Cole, DO; Kevin Johnson, MD; Maureen Strohm, MD
Staff Contacts: Vickie Greenwood and Christopher Pyle


The Finance Committee is composed of the Treasurer, President, President-Elect, a Member-at-Large, Executive Director and Chief Administrative Officer. This committee is responsible for the oversight of financial matters, including regular reports to the Board and annual reports to the membership. The committee reviews the audit annually.

Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA - Chair
Members: Karen Mitchell, MD; James Jarvis, MD; Deborah S. Clements, MD
Staff Contacts: Vickie Greenwood and Christopher Pyle

The Membership Committee addresses membership, retention, communications to members, coordination of the member needs assessment and serves as a focus group or sounding board for staff on various projects. 

Deborah S. Clements, MD
Members: TBD
Staff Contact: Christopher Pyle

The Nominations Committee oversees the nominations and election process of Board of Directors members.

James Jarvis, MD - Chair
Members: Justin Glass, MD; Gary Goforth, MD; Kelly Hill, MD; Christine Jacobs, MD;
Martin Wieschhaus, MD
Staff Contacts: Vickie Greenwood and Christopher Pyle