Due to member feedback, recent changes were made to the front page of the AFMRD website. Several buttons were added to the top of the home page to help members better navigate the website. See below for a description of the buttons.


This button takes you to the online member discussion forum (formerly known as the list serve/listserve/listserv). All posts (or threads) can be found on this page. Use the search box on the right side of the page to search for past posts. 


Are you part of a committee or task force or participating in one of AFMRD's special programs such as NIPDD, Clinic First Colloborative, or the FM-NICCE Pilot? This button will take you to a list of all the AFMRD communities you belong to. For even easier access to communities you participate in often, update your Favorite Communities by following the directions below.

Select the  My Options dropdown list in the top right hand corner of the page. 
Click on My Favorites
On the My Favorites Page, click on the dark red  Edit Favorites button on the right side.
Under the Communities Section, click on the Add button.
Add your "favorite" communities. You will also need to choose if you would like to receive daily, weekly, or monthly emails containing any new community-related content.  (NOTE: this is different from your subscription to a specific community's online discussion forum -most likely you will want to choose None.)

Once a favorite community is added, it will be listed on the right hand side of the AFMRD Communities page.


This button will change depending on which award is open for nominations. Clicking on this button will take you to the criteria and nomination form for the open award. 


The NIPDD Portal button takes you to a page that provides pertinent information about AFMRD's National Institute for Program Director Development (NIPDD). 


You will find several guides to help you maximize your experience, including how to manage the emails you receive from AFMRD discussion forums.


Do you need extra help from an AFMRD Staff Member? Click on this button to submit a question/concern and staff will get back to you!