Congratulations to the 2019 Program Director Recognition Award Recipients!


The Board of Directors of the Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors (AFMRD) celebrated recipients of the Program Director Recognition Award at their 2019 Annual Meeting on April 6, 2019. This award was established to recognize the achievements of program directors in light of their unique roles, responsibilities, and challenges. The award program consists of three levels (bronze, silver, and gold), based on the completion of increasingly substantial accomplishments in training, performance, advocacy, and tenure. Specific criteria for each level can be found here.

Congratulations to the 2019 Program Director Recognition Award Winners:


Donald A. Briscoe, MD

Nikhil K. Hemady, MD, FAAFP

David D. Lick, MD, MBA, MPH

Stacy E. Potts, MD, MEd

Stephen D. Ratcliffe, MD, MSPH

John Bryan Waits, MD


Robert P. Bonacci, MD

James W. Haynes, MD, FAAFP

Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA, FAAFP

Kate DuChene Thoma, MD, MME

Stacey G. Robert, MD

Donald R. Woolever, MD


Carla R. Ainsworth, MD, MPH

Amy D. Crawford - Faucher, MD

Alexei O. DeCastro, MD

Kristina M. Diaz, MD, FAAFP

Philip Taylor Dooley, MD

Erin M. Kavanaugh, MD

Deborah E. Miller, MD, MACM

Mary K. Nordling, MD

Daniel J. Schlegel, MD, MHA

Zubair A. Syed, MD, FAAFP