AOA to ACGME Accreditation:
Preparing for the Transition

When the Single Accreditation System was established, the AFMRD made the decision to step in to assist AOA family medicine residency programs in two ways. One was to partner with the ACOFP in developing Accreditation Navigation, an intensive two-session program that provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of ACGME accreditation. The other was to encourage directors of AOA programs to join the AFMRD.

We recently talked with two program directors who joined AFMRD to learn about what they are experiencing as they take steps toward ACGME accreditation.

Jessica Manyan, DO, is the family medicine residency program director at Kent Hospital in Warwick, Rhode Island. Lora Cotton, DO, is the director of the family medicine residency program at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa.

Read about Dr. Cotton’s experience.
Read about Dr. Manyan’s experience.