Highlights from our 2019 Annual Meeting

The AFMRD Annual Meeting took place April 6, 2019 during the AAFP's PDW and RPS Residency Education Symposium in Kansas City, MO. During the meeting, the AFMRD elected members to serve on the Board of Directors, recognized members' accomplishments, celebrated the 2019 NIPDD graduates, reviewed the organization's activities, and discussed important issues.


Robin O. Winter, MD, MMM,  was presented with the Nikitas J. Zervanos Outstanding Program Director Award. 


Program Director Recognition Awards were presented to members:


Gold Silver Bronze
Donald A. Briscoe, MD Robert P. Bonacci, MD Carla R. Ainsworth, MD, MPH
Nikhil K. Hemady, MD, FAAFP James W. Haynes, MD, FAAFP Amy D. Crawford - Faucher, MD
David D. Lick, MD, MBA, MPH Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA, FAAFP Alexei O. DeCastro, MD
Stacy E. Potts, MD, MEd Kate DuChene Thoma, MD, MME Kristina M. Diaz, MD, FAAFP
Stephen D. Ratcliffe, MD, MSPH Stacey G. Robert, MD Philip Taylor Dooley, MD
John Bryan Waits, MD Donald R. Woolever, MD Erin M. Kavanaugh, MD
Deborah E. Miller, MD, MACM
Mary K. Nordling, MD
Daniel J. Schlegel, MD, MHA
Zubair A. Syed, MD, FAAFP

NIPDD Graduates

Clark Denniston, MD recognized the National Institute of Program Director Development (NIPDD) 2018-2019. .

Election Results

Deborah S. Clements, MD, FAAFP was elected President. Dr. Clements will serve as President of AFMRD in 2019-2020 and Immediate Past President in 2020-2021.


Steve Brown, MD, FAAFP was elected President-Elect. Dr. Brown will serve as President-Elect for 2019-2020.  He will then serve as President in 2020-2021 and Immediate Past President in 2021-2022. 


Curtis Galke, DO, was elected Treasurer. 


Wendy Barr, MD, MPH, MSCE, Sabesan “Saby” Karuppiah, MD, MPH, FAAFP, and Kimberly Stutzman, MD, were elected by membership to serve as Members-at-Large. Members-at-Large are elected to serve two-year terms.

 Wendy Barr Headshot 2016.jpg  Karuppiah, Sabesan.jpg  Kim Stutzman-Cropped.jpg

President’s Award

Outgoing AFMRD President Fred Miser, MD, MA, FAAFP  honored his wife and family with the AFMRD President's Award. 

AFMRD Highlight Video

The AFMRD highlighted activities and accomplishments with a  video

Quick Hitter Questions

A series of “quick-hitter” questions were answered by members. The results will be available in a few weeks.

Open Mic


Members brought up ideas, asked questions, and celebrated personal milestones during the Open Mic session.