AFMRD Annual Meeting Highlights

Members of the AFMRD met Saturday, March 25, 2017, in Kansas City for the AFMRD Annual Meeting.

During the meeting, we elected members to serve on the AFMRD Board of Directors, recognized members' accomplishments, recognized 2017 NIPDD graduates, reviewed the organization's activities, and discussed important issues.

Election Results

W. Fred Miser, MD, FAAFP

Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA, FAAFP

Curtis Lloyd Galke, DO,FAAFP

Jennifer W. Swoyer, DO

Nikitas J. Zervanos Outstanding Program Director Award

Timothy Munzing, MD, FAAFP,
was named the 2017 Nikitas J. Zervanos
Outstanding Program Director

Program Director Recognition Awards

Ephraim E. Back, MD, MPH
Careyana Brenham, MD
David Steven Gregory, MD
Alan Douglass, MD
Shantie Harkisoon, MD
Amy Barger Stevens, MD
John Waits, MD

Charles Carter, Jr., MD
Deborah S. Clements, MD
Eugene Orientale, Jr., MD
Michael F. Mazzone, MD
Eddie Needham, MD

AFMRD President Award

Outgoing AFMRD President James Jarvis, MD,
honored his family with the AFMRD
President's Award.

Diane, Nicole, and Alexa Jarvis
"To my family, of whom I am most proud. Thank you for your support and love during my term as president of the AFMRD. You are my continued inspiration and give the greatest meaning to my life."

AFMRD Highlights Video

Watch the video.

Changes to the Bylaws

AFMRD members approved proposed bylaws changes.

Open Microphone

Great discussions during the Open Mic
portion of the meeting.