Reflections from Past AFMRD Board Members

Developing leadership skills, sharing knowledge and expertise with others, learning from colleagues, influencing the organization’s priorities, and having fun with fellow board members and staff are all excellent reasons to run for the AFMRD Board of Directors. We recently checked in with a few past board members to find out more about their experiences on the AFMRD Board of Directors.

Steve Schultz, MD, first learned about the impact the work of the AFMRD had on residency education when he served as the AFMRD (then called Association of Family Practice Residency Directors - AFPRD) Resident Representative. Dr. Schultz joined the board as a program director member in 2012. He believes that being a program director is the best job he has had and one of the reasons he has enjoyed it so much is due to the resources and connections the AFMRD provides. Dr. Schultz enjoyed the close connections he made with other board members and was impressed with how a group of people with different backgrounds and opinions could work so well together to reach the desired outcome.

Todd Shaffer, MD, served on the AFMRD board from 2009 – 2015. He was elected President in 2014. Dr. Shaffer had just completed a Physician’s MBA Leadership degree and wanted to make a difference. He believed that family medicine residency programs needed some type of national curriculum and education offerings. As a member of the board, he was able to push these ideas forward. During his seven years on the board, Dr. Shaffer was proud to see this need met, especially with the rollout of the Residency Curriculum Resource. 

Stoney Abercrombie, MD, was not only interested in leadership development, but also wanted to learn from other leaders of the profession when he ran for the AFMRD Board of Directors in 2008. While serving on the board, he especially enjoyed the personal relationships he developed with fellow board members and AFMRD staff. One of his favorite memories is working with other board members to host a CAFM meeting in New Mexico. While planning the meeting was a lot of hard work, the fun and awesome memories he shared with his colleagues made it worthwhile.

James Jarvis, MD, believes serving on the AFMRD Board of Directors was one of the best things he ever did and feels that he is a better leader because of his time on the board. He enjoyed the camaraderie with the board members, staff , and members of the association. His most memorable moment was presenting the President’s Award to his family, not just because of how much that meant to him, but because of the number of our members who informed him it moved them as well.

While each past board member had different reasons for running for the board, they all gained valuable experiences and meaningful relationships. Serving as a board member was hard work and required a significant time commitment, but the knowledge and skills gained from serving on the board have remained useful throughout their careers.

The AFMRD is currently seeking AFMRD residency director members to stand for nomination to the board of directors. Click here for more information, including eligibility requirements and instructions for applying.