Salary Survey

Every other year, AFMRD conducts and publishes the results of a salary survey. This survey is designed to collect and report family medicine residency director and faculty salaries and is done to provide a snapshot of current compensation. The survey results are available only to members via the AFMRD member website.

This year there is an added advantage.

In cooperation with the Association of Family Medicine Administration (AFMA), we have incorporated questions related to family medicine residency coordinators.  AFMRD members will have access to the full survey report. AFMA members will only have access to the coordinator survey report. Please work with each other to gather all information before you complete the survey for your program.

Please complete your survey by September 30th, 2019  October 7, 2019. Please make sure the survey is filled out by the program director or their explicit designee. Each program should only fill out ONE survey. 

Instructions for completing the survey:

  1. Download this worksheet.  The worksheet provides a place for you to document all the information needed to complete the survey.
  2. Share the worksheet with staff who can provide the information needed (i.e. coordinators, practice managers, etc.).
  3. Be sure your coordinator gets the section of the survey specific to the coordinator role so that portion of the survey can be completed.
  4. When you have gathered all the information and are ready to complete the survey, please go here.

The more who participate the more robust the data will be. 

Do not hesitate to contact Chris Pyle (913.906.6361) if you have questions about the survey.

Thank you.


This 2017 Salary Survey is now available to AFMRD members! Click here.