Salary Survey

It’s time to complete the AFMRD Salary Survey!

We need everyone to help with this project to ensure we get useful data. Please schedule some time over the next few weeks to complete this survey by October 29, 2021.

In cooperation with the Association of Family Medicine Administration (AFMA), we have also incorporated questions related to family medicine residency coordinators.

Instructions for completing the survey:

  1. Decide whether the Program Director or their explicit designee will complete the survey. We only want one survey per program.
  2. Download this worksheet: The worksheet provides a place for you to document all the information needed to complete the survey.
  3. Share the worksheet with staff who can provide the information needed (i.e., coordinators, practice managers, etc.).
  4. Be sure your coordinator gets the section of the survey specific to the coordinator role so that portion of the survey can be completed.
  5. When the PD or their explicit designee has gathered all the information and is ready to complete the survey, please go here:

Please note: It is imperative that the survey be filled out by the program director or their explicit designee. The full survey must be filled out at one time to have all the data linked together. The coordinator portion cannot be filled out at a separate time and then attached to the full program’s data. 

This AFMRD Salary Survey has been designed to obtain data that will provide a snapshot of the current compensation within family medicine residency programs across the nation.

In addition to program director salaries, the survey gathers salary data on associate program directors and faculty, including behavioral health faculty.

This 2019 Salary Survey is now available to AFMRD members! Go to the PD Toolbox "data" section to view/download. Or click here.