National Family Medicine Graduate Survey (ABFM/AFMRD Graduate Survey)


AFMRD has partnered with the ABFM to conduct a National Graduate Survey of all ABFM-certified physicians. In 2022, graduates who completed training in 2019 were asked to complete the survey. The survey was extended by one month into 2023 in an attempt to increase the response rate.

A report from your 2019 graduates, with national comparisons, is now available in the Resident Training Management System (RTM).

To access your reports, please log on to RTM ( using your ABFM login and your password and make use of the feedback on your graduates it will provide.

Similar to last year, a Power BI based reporting tool is available in RTM. This interactive tool includes two reports that were available to you last year – 1) the 2022 program report and 2) a seven-year program specific report with all data from 2016 to 2022 collapsed together.

New for 2022, a report will be available with the ability to trend data from 2016 to 2022 with comparisons to national averages.

If you need help logging in to RTM, please contact