AFMRD Standing Committees Members

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the current Bylaws and
bringing forth any necessary changes for membership approval.  Members are encouraged to submit suggested Bylaws changes to the committee chair for
review.  Bylaws changes are voted on by the membership during the annual
meeting. See Committee Charter for more information.


W. Fred Miser, MD - Chair
Chuck Carter, MD
David Gregory, MD
James Jarvis, MD
Stephen McKernan, DO
Vickie Greenwood, TAGME (Staff Contact)


The Communication Committee is responsible for the overall direction of the
website, email discussion list, member recruitment and retention, and other communication. See the Committee Charter for more information.


Steve Schultz, MD - Chair
Sherly Abraham, MD
Adity Bhattacharyya, MD
Natasha Bhuyan, MD
George Brown, MD
Daniel Casey, MD
Gretchen Dixon, MD
Richard English, MD
Tochi Iroku-Malize, MD
James Jarvis, MD
Michael King, MD
Heidi Malling, MD
Holli Neiman-Hart, MD
Gary Newkirk, MD
Cheyn Onarecker, MD
Eugene Orientale, MD
Heather Paladine, MD
Amy Stevens, MD
Mark Stovak, MD
Lynn Strange, MD
Marty Wieschhaus, MD
Lynn Pickerel (Staff Contact)


Program Director Development
The Program Director Development Committee is responsible for the direction of any educational projects, including preceptorships, webinars and NIPDD. See the Committee Charter for more information.

Lisa Maxwell, MD - Chair
Janet Albers, MD
Dereck Deleon, MD
John Edwards, MD
Roger Garvin, MD
Ivan Gomez, MD
James Jarvis, MD
John G. King, MD
Thomas Miller, MD
W. Fred Miser, MD
Karen Mitchell, MD
Oscar Noriega, MD
Shannon Pittman, MD
Steve Ratcliffe, MD
Kelly Ussery-Kronhaus, MD
Vickie Greenwood, TAGME (Staff Contact)


The Finance Committee is composed of the Executive Officers of the Board of 
Directors.  This committee is responsible for the oversight of financial matters, including regular reports to the Board and annual reports to the membership. 
The committee reviews the audit annually. See Committee Charter for more information.

Karen Mitchell, MD - Chair
Gretchen Dixon, MD
Mike Mazzone, MD
Todd D. Shaffer, MD, MBA
Vickie Greenwood, TAGME  (Staff Contact)

The Nominations Committee oversees the nominations and election process of
Board of Directors members. See Committee Charter for more information.

Michael Tuggy, MD - Chair
Amy McGaha, MD
Steve Shultz, MD
Katy Jaksa (Staff Contact)